The Horror Pages mini-FAQ

Q. Why did you start doing game reviews?
A. Blame Anthony Ortale, it was his suggestion that got me into it!

Q. How can I be the first to know when new articles are posted?
A. Follow me on Twitter @RobJNielsen or become a fan on Facebook!

Q. Why don’t you do scores/ratings?
A. Because I think ratings are limiting and often arbitrary, and because I’d rather have the opportunity to explain my perspective over the course of an entire review than have readers just scroll to the bottom of the page to check out the score.

I also want to clarify that, from my perspective, I don’t review videogames- I review my experiences with video games. I never claim to cover all of the content that might be present in a given video game; hell, sometimes I might not get through half the content of a game. It’s more important to me to provide an idea of what my overall experience was like with a game than it is to devote the time to doing exhaustive coverage of every single aspect of the game; besides, if people want that, there are plenty of other places on the internet they can find it.

Q. What is the Golden Hatchet Award?
A. I created the Golden Hatchet Award so I would have means of acknowledging outstanding games without having to institute a ratings system.

Q. What is the ‘rants’ section?
A. Editorials, more or less.

Q. Why don’t do you news much anymore?
A. Because those articles were less popular, less fun to write, and there’s plenty of other websites doing it. I might still write about horror game news if there’s something I think is particularly interesting, but it won’t be very often.

Q. What is that big picture at the top of the page?
A. An original piece of artwork. It’s a manipulated image from a photograph I took. I call it The Mothgrin. No, you may not use it for your own site or other project.

Q. Can you review (insert name of game here) please?
A. I don’t accept review requests from the general public. I have occasionally done reviews of games that close friends have suggested, but even that is rare. Also, I’m limited to reviewing the games (and systems) I own.

Q. Do you play any games other than horror games?
A. Sure! I like WRPGs, old platformers, racing games, action games, lots of stuff. I just concentrate on writing about horror games.

Q. What’s your favorite horror game?
A. I actually answered this publicly before I even started doing game reviews, but it’s Silent Hill 2.

Q. What other writers do you follow?
A. Check out Anthony Ortale’s excellent game reviews and news at the Examiner. If you dig basketball you might want to check out Joe Riggan’s sports articles at his site. And if you enjoy movies and/or facial hair, check out Ryan Postlethwait’s!
Q. How long are you going to do this for?
A. As long as it keeps being fun!

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