About RedgoateeRob

RedgoateeRob celebrating his victory over a Nova Skeleton.

RedgoateeRob is the pen name of Rob Nielsen, a layman who has no technical background in the videogame industry. However, RedgoateeRob has been a gamer for two decades with a preference for the most macabre and terrifying games one can imagine. From Castlevania on the NES to the newest next-gen survival horror games on PS3, he has seen it all and lived to tell the tale. Plus, as a horror author and amateur musician, he knows what makes scary stuff truly bone-chillingly horrifying and spooktacular. You can reach RedgoateeRob at redgoateerob (((at))) gmail.com or on PSN: RedgoateeRob. You can also follow him on Twitter @RobJNielsen or follow his official Facebook page at facebook.com/AuthorRJNielsen.


About the name:

“I first recall using the pen name ‘RedgoateeRob’ as a handle in multiplayer matches of Quake 4, and later used it on most PC games I played deathmatch on, as well as on Playstation Network. A lot of folks have asked me what it means. I actually chose it as a tribute to one of my biggest influences as a guitar player, Darrell Lance Abbott.”


About the Horror Pages:

RedgoateeRob’s Horror Pages strives to bring you the best horror reviews anywhere on the web. Reviews are broken into two categories:

-‘Experiencing the Horror’, which are reviews of videogames that are purely and unapologetically horror-oriented.
-‘Finding the Horror’, which is are reviews of video games that are not ostensibly horror games per se, but contain significant horror-related content.

On occasion you might see variations on these categories as well to allow for special circumstances, such as RedgoateeRob’s review of The Legendary Starfy.

RedgoateeRob’s Horror Pages also serves to relay horror news of interest to the readership. In most cases this will consist of links to the relevant news article.

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Copyrighted material is used under Fair Use for review and educational purposes. If you are the holder of copyright and believe your material has been used unfairly, or if you have any general feedback, please contact me at redgoateerob (((at))) gmail.com to discuss your concern.

The banner at the top of the site (the “Mothgrin”) is an original work and is © Rob Nielsen 2012 . The Mothgrin banner may not be reproduced without permission.

Posts on this site may be excerpted for individual use for review or educational purposes. However, posts may not be reproduced in their entirety without the permission of the author, who will not be granting that permission to anyone anytime soon.

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  1. […] sourced from the auction for the actual prosthetic used in the film on Icollector.com. As stated in the site description of RedgoateeRob’s Horror Pages, all works are copyright their respective owners and are used here in compliance with applicable […]

  2. […] owners. Images are used compliant with fair use law for the purposes of review as discussed in the About section of this site. […]

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