Horror Game news from E3 2012!

Lots of news is rolling in from E3 2012 today!

Sony has a new thriller title called Beyond: Two Souls. The game stars Ellen Page and looks like it will play a lot like Heavy Rain, which was developed by the same studio currently working on this game. The game is apparently scheduled for release in early 2013. You can see leaked gameplay from Beyond: Two Souls on Youtube here.

Sony also showed off some previously unseen gameplay from The Last Of Us. The new video makes gameplay look extremely brutal in this game, and also makes it apparent how important ammo conservation will be to survival in the game’s post-apocalyptic world.

Nintendo showed off a number of games, including a horror game called ZombiU for the upcoming WiiU console. The game looks like a lot of fun, with the WiiU tablet controller serving a number of functions in-game like inventory and environmental interaction. You can see the trailer for ZombiU on Youtube here.

Microsoft showed off a cool trailer for a new Gears of War game called Judgment. You can watch it here.

Konami announced their stuff earlier than E3 so there wasn’t a lot new from them, but they are still working on those new Castlevania games that have already been reported.

Electronic Arts announced and gave us a trailer for Dead Space 3, which you can see here. It seems the leaked pictures from earlier were real (remember- you heard it here first!), and as the picture showed, the game will involve co-op gameplay on an icy world that purports to be the ‘source of the necromorphs’.

Updates will, of course, follow with any additional horror game news from E3- but as it stands, it sure looks like we’ll have plenty of new horror games coming out well into 2013.

~ by Redgoateerob on June 7, 2012.

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