Alone In The Dark news from GDC.

Big news for fans of classic survival horror games:

Frédérick Raynal, designer of the original Alone In The Dark, stated at Game Developer’s conference 2012 that he is interested in exploring the possibility of creating an HD rerelease of the game.


The importance of the original Alone In The Dark to the art of survival horror games cannot be overstated: it is the originator, the UR-example of the medium. Alone In The Dark was directly influental on the original Resident Evil, and thus Alone In The Dark also influenced innumerable other games; the Silent Hill series, the Fatal Frame series, Eternal Darkness, etc. Hell, the spirit of Alone In The Dark can even be found in the Mario series through the Luigi’s Mansion spinoff.

Also, without Alone In The Dark, RedgoateeRob`s Horror Game Pages might not exist. I still remember playing the original for the first time on 3DO, struggling to make it out of the attic in the haunted mansion Derceto. I remember making my way to the mansion’s library and picking up a book, not realizing that the book my character held was De Vermis Mysteriis. Moments like that are what set survival horror games apart from the dross of quick cash-ins and licensed games.

Though the Alone In The Dark series degenerated somewhat through it’s later incarnations (and a film version that fans of the series do not speak of), the original Alone In The Dark still stands as one of the best survival horror games ever made, and an HD remake of the game would not only be a great gift to older fans of the series like myself but would be instrumental in showing a whole new generation of gamers what survival horror games can be in the hands of a talented designer.

You can read more about Mr. Raynal’s statements with articles at MTV, Bloody Disgusting, and Gamasutra, or you can watch the full speech he gave at GDC on Youtube.

~ by Redgoateerob on March 19, 2012.

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