Doom 4 screenshots leaked.

Per Eurogamer, screenshots of Doom 4 have leaked online. If the pictures are real, it looks like Doom 4 will take place on earth and involve a demonic invasion. You can also read an interesting take by Gamefront here.


~ by Redgoateerob on February 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “Doom 4 screenshots leaked.”

  1. Wow, Doom 4 looks beautiful!

    • It does look cool, doesn’t it? That picture with the massive fire tornado coming up in the background looks incredible- I really want to have to dodge that while shooting demons through a level, with the tornado whipping around everywhere. Let’s hope it actually ends up in-game!

  2. […] According to a recent media alert sent out by Bethesda, in addition to the usual fragging and gibbing LAN party Quakecon is famous for, Quakecon 2013 will also feature exclusive footage of upcoming games. Could this be the venue for an announcement of the long-awaited Doom 4?  […]

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