RedgoateeRob`s Top Ten Lost Horror Games: Part One

This is part one of a three-part series- RedgoateeRob`s Top Ten Lost Horror Games. #10 – #6 are presented below; check back soon for part two where I will reveal #5 – #1!

10. Nanashi No Game a.k.a. The Game With No Name (Nintendo DS)

Nanashi No Game for the Nintendo DS takes the lowest spot on our list, because in all likelihood it shouldn`t appear here at all; it cannot be classified as a ‘lost game’ proper since not only has it been released, it has actually recieved several sequels. So why is it here? Because despite the cries of horror gamers for years, Square Enix has yet to see fit to release it outside of Japan and with the arrival of Nintendo`s new 3DS system on the scene, the likelihood of Nanashi No Game ever seeing a stateside release is slim. This is regrettable as the concept is absolutely fascinating; the game operates a ‘game within a game’ system where the plot centers around players of a cursed 8-bit RPG (that looks suspiciously like Dragon Warrior) that kills those who play it within 7 days (which sounds suspiciously like The Ring). O.k., so perhaps some elements of the game may be a bit derivative; nevertheless, the execution of the concept looks incredible. Here`s hoping Square Enix change their minds and decide to let American gamers have our own version of what looks to be, by all rights, a horror classic.

9. Winter (Wii)

The announcement of Winter for the Nintendo Wii was one of the bright spots of 2007 for horror gamers. A third-person survival horror game that centers on a young woman lost in a snowstorm, players would have battled not only unspeakable monsters but also hypothermia. A preview video available on Youtube shows a particularly horrifying sequence involving a strutting emaciated monstrosity inching slowly down a hallway toward the protagonist, only moving in the darkness. Maybe the game itself is lost in the snowstorm now, though; no updates have been made available about the game since 2009.

8. Resident Evil Portable (PSP)

Sony`s PSP has had a hard time of it when it comes to scary games. While it does boast the exclusive Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, and was the lead platform for Silent Hill Origins, other than a handful of additional ports the system offers few horror game choices. Which is why PSP horror fans were excited when Capcom announced at E3 2009 that the PSP would be getting a completely exclusive Resident Evil title, at the time called Resident Evil Portable. Capcom said the game would be exclusive to the PSP and unique among the other titles in that it`s gameplay would be tailored to the PSP`s controls. Capcom then went totally quiet about this title. Little hope remains of this ever seeing a proper release now, with the release of Sony`s successor console to the PSP, the Playstation Vita, looming on the horizon.

7. Resident Evil 1.5 and Resident Evil 3.5 (Playstation)

The (presumed) cancellation of Resident Evil Portable was, however, not the first occasion when horror gamers have been given a taste of a unique Resident Evil title only to have it changed entirely. Console Resident Evil games are notorious for having been subject to numerous iterations and conceptual changes before their subsequent release to retail. For instance, an early version of Resident Evil 2, known among horror gamers as ‘Resident Evil 1.5’, shows a darker version of Raccoon City that seems to contain slower but more aggressive zombies than what was seen in the eventual final version of Resident Evil 2. Likewise, an early prototype of Resident Evil 4, ‘Resident Evil 3.5’ portrays protagonist Leon S. Kennedy running around a haunted mansion, a complete departure from the zombie theme of the rest of the games in the series. Neither of these games were ever released in a playable form and are now available to most survival horror gamers only in the form of Youtube clips.

6. Metroid: Dread (Nintendo DS)

Metroid: Dread. Even the name is cinematic, conjuring images of a more intense, visceral, and horrific version of Super Metroid, a game that would prey on the feelings of isolation and alien horror in the experience of Samus Aran. Horror gamers, Metroid fans, and Nintendo loyalists have all been clamoring for the release of this game since the game`s title leaked in 2005. Nintendo has steadfastly refused comment on the title; this is unsuprising, since Nintendo is known for refusing to comment on rumor and speculation regarding unreleased and upcoming projects. The director of the Metroid series has confirmed, however, that the project either does currently exist or did exist, and given the development time that Nintendo is known for devoting to their core games, this project could still see the light of day, perhaps on the Nintendo 3DS.

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